Nursing Department


         Nursing Services department of civil hospital, Mehsana, is a well established and active department. They are like arteries of hospital spread over each department contributing for the betterment of patients. There are 68 Nursing Staff of different cadre which includes: – Head Nurses, Public Health Nurse, Staff Nurses, and Health Visitors working round the clock for patients’ care. They render comprehensive nursing care which includes Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual and rehabilitative care to the patients. The team also consists of specialized nurses. i.e Infection Control Nurses, Psychiatric nurses, Nurse practitioner in midwifery, Nurses trained in emergency medical services.

         Nursing department is headed by Nursing Superintendent (NS) class II along with Deputy Nursing Superintendent (DNS), Assistant Nursing Superintendent (ANS). They all perform mainly nursing administration, personnel management, supervision and guidance to all head nurses and staff nurses including auxillary staff. Being a teaching institute educational activities pertaining medical, paramedical and nursing students are planned and implemented effectively. There is alsoPublic HealthNurse, and  Health Visitors who perform  Maternal and child health services to the Urban Community and also perform their duties in various clinics run by this Hospital like; Baby clinic, adolescent clinic etc..


  1. Maintaining all the departments of hospital for optimal functioning.
  2. Provide bed side nursing care and support medical care on 24*7 basis to all patients.
  3. Attended patients in vast outdoor department
  4. Provide specialized nursing care in specialized units like ICU, NICU, PICU, Operation Theaters, Emergency Medical Department, (EMD), Trauma centre, Haemodialysis centre, Nutrition and Rehabilitation centre, ART centre etc.
  5. Extend support during blood donation camp and events organized by blood bank of civil hospital Mehsana.
  6. Observe, guide, report and implement infection control practices and derive infection control rate.
  7. Facilitate Bio Medical Waste management in the hospital.
  8. Provide continuous on job training programmes on induction training to nursing staff on technical and administrative processes.
  9. Participate in all national programmes organized by the hospitals.
  10. Extend support to all departments related to nursing function.